Saving Kids = Expres-Si-onics-vs- Ebonics + 6th Sense Genius Constructive Creative Imagination Precious Gemstone Gifts of Grace + Rare Diamond Divine Digital Designs of LOVE LIFE LIGHT!

 DiamonStar’n Lovin’Faith
Learning to love our own
selves is so very great;
Without the need of others to hate;
It’s a spiritual thing whole heartily to date;
An artistic vision of our
divine destiny of fate.__
Did all of us come from
somewhere out in cyberspace;
Our spirits traveling here
by the free gift of grace.__
From remote heavenly places,
Where there’s LovePeace & Harmony
enjoyed by all human races.___
Blessed to go back there with
a blazing burning desire;
Is it possible to even set
the living soul on fire.___
Certainly it demands an
original thought no doubt;
Just simply follow the colorful
rainbow back home in route.___
A Liberated Mind & Thinking Brain….
1. YES: My African Negroid plus Hopi red blood, combined, I intuitively-instinctively and spiritually KNOW, is the motivating factor behind The Origindian-Original Creative ArtistCHD. This truly means thousands of years of cultural customs in artwork crafts, are the natural bestowed talents and gifts, inherited history through my long ancient ancestral existence. An extending inseparably related and permanently interconnected link-lineage, producing a MultiplexRacialBody of color complexions. And millions of other people fall inside this blessed domain!
6. Our Sixth Sense Genius”THE CONSTRUCTIVE CREATIVE IMAGINATION” So sit back and enjoy this artistic presentation.____
“All things exists in the Human Imagination; Thus mental things are alone real” according to this conversation.___ “Where is the Existence Out of the Mind or Thought; It is the constructive creative Imagination performing genius as it ought.___” The universe is a construct of the imaginative power; That is in both God and man” meaning ours.___; “And when man realizes this; He has taken the first steps to truth and salvation” baring risks.____(Engel, Blake)
Independence of Thoughts….
 WITH ALL DUE RESPECTS: What I mean y’all is that, the artwork applied and musical songs, are automatically made from profoundly deep feelings and eco-electron energy emotions, surfacing after many generations of family members; who have long since passed away. Or made their successful spiritual transitions from the physical human body organism; hundreds or even thousands of years ago!
These ancient ancestors of great genius are still living inside of my or our bodies right now today through genetic structure. However subdued; albeit well and alive. Regardless of our New World superficial appearances in physiological looks and color of skin pigmentation. Nor does the language we now speak change these permanent background linkages of internal and eternal state of human being. Thus natural inhabitant heritage is to be acknowledged, embraced and enhanced for the self-realization and self-actualization of relearning how to know one’s self and then ToLoveThySelf..
” The Hopi language is melodious and the enunciation clear.” The same way that I created the English word: Expres-Si-onics; meaning a poetic sounding melodious, clearly articulated, pronounced and enunciated spoken words. As opposed to what they call: Ebonics which is street slurred, fuzzy, dull, vaguely clear speech most of the time. My parents were very artistic in their expressive oral voices, of which I copy or emulate. “Speak distinctive Henry”, Daddy Clarence would tell me, “write clearly Henry.” Now one may hear how it sounds in my Evolutionary Revolutionary Poetic Art Form; CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
How do you pronounce the word “Hopi”? What does it mean? It’s pronounced “hope-ee,” and it means “peaceful person” or “civilized person” in the Hopi language.” And in our New World Millennium 21st century, ArtistCHD call us those who are naturally inclined to: LovePeace & Harmony.
“Language :
Hopi is a Shoshonean language, which is part of the Uto-Aztecan languages. The Hopi Indians, which means good, peaceful, or wise.” Which he is calling his grandmother and annie deceased by the names of Hopindians of Hopindia; thus were America’s AfriAmixercans of AfriAmixerca. We’ll get deeper off into the NewWorldWords a little later on down the line.
Ya see.. there’re so many Western imposed names on non-whites, that are perceived as being “offensive”; until it isn’t funny at all! Therefore, I’m creating somewhat similar; yet different versions of the same meaningful words. Hopefully perhaps, this shall help solve the labeling problem of Europeans giving other people of color certain classified-categorical names, etc. However, I’ve always been mighty proud having family roots being called an American “INDIAN”.
Partially raised by my HOPI grandmother, until she died; she used to make me homemade bow and arrows from her hedge bushes and china berry trees. I use to get into her jewelry box and play with her pearl necklaces and color beads. And could sometimes hear her still doing the voice calls-customs-prayers-chants in their traditional language, in which I spoke very little of, and has now forgotten how to talk their language. They actually spoke American English fluently. And I loved wearing, and still do, my Moccasins, leather styled cultural jackets, beads, and head bands.
They all reflect America’s African & Native-Indian heritage!
 1. Check out all of my Original Creative Intelligent Graphic Digital Designs; the patterns, weaves, knitting, fabric, which are all cultural artwork coming back up top from abysmally deep within my body-mind-heart-spirit and soul. With the help of advanced computer digital technologies, these magical miracles are perfectly performed. Via an Afroasiatic, Afri-Latin, Afri-Mexican, Afri-European, Afri-American, so forth and so on. With the DOMINATE NEGROID MOTHER AFRICA and Afrindian Artistic Aptitude!
2. The Hopi Indians or Hopindians of my family’s red blood ancestry are loving people by nature, expressly my modern day grandmother bering a devout Christian Lady Clerk of the Church. And are preeminently a unique religious people, much of their time, especially in cold winter, being devoted to ceremonies for rain and the healthy growth of food crops. Their alleged mythology or spiritual belief is a polytheism, many gods and goddesses. That are or were largely tinged with ancestor worship, show of respect, honor, and permeated with fetishism. Meaning: “an object (as an idol or image) believed to have supernatural of magical powers.”
3. Similar to what Euro-Caucasians do today in their celebrity idol worship, fallen men of history called heroes, religious portrait pictures, wearing holy crosses or crucifixions, sculptures, carvings of who they believe or think to be, their Lord & Savior, and many claim him to be God.
4. Therefore let us keep things in proper positive perspective when we label other people’s ways and customs and lifestyles. Let’s take a closer look at our very own religious dogmas and myths!!
5. They originally had no conception of a great spirit corresponding to Almighty God, located somewhere in the heavenly skies of the universe. Nor were they ever monotheists with some supremely superior single being; esp ever appearing in human form; And, although many have accepted the colonial-imposed Western-European version, and teachings of Christian missionaries, these have not had the brainwashing effect of altering their primary primitive beliefs or Primindian Principal belief system.
6. OUR: Their greatest gods are deified nature endowed spiritual powers, as coming through Mother Earth and the Sky God who is visible universally global. There’s no strange mystery about this apparent reality. Thus, the former mother, and the latter father, birth parents of the races of men, women, males, females, boys, girls, and of marvelous animals, which are civilly conceived of as closely allied living creatures.
7. In which ArtistCHD has naturally named: our SolarSystemSpiritSunGOD; and GODDESS Mother Earth!! And Optical Eye In The Sky; as CK-NWCA’s logo, clearly illustrate these psycho-physiological connections, familiar relationships with ancient ancestry manifested. Thus, being picturesquely portrayed from innate KNOWLEDGE.
8. “The Sky Father & Earth Mother”; the Feminine & Masculine Principle working in unison as an ALMIGHTY ONE! And there’s no mere coincidence nor accident that his artwork reflect these ancient or Ancindian ancestral roots. With the perplexing pieces to the puzzle being put back together right now as these words are being written from within the Spirit; SPONTANEOUSLY!
9. He now speaks for himself: This is not a worship of the sun, but as the HOPI of the ancient days of old did, they saw it as an expression of THE ALMIGHTY COSMIC CREATORS OF THE UNIVERSE. And we find the same type religious belief systems in Mother Africa. Unlike the Western European version of Christian mythology, forms a human image into being God, instead of just SPIRITUAL ENERGY!

1. Likewise, by the same talented token, it’s no strange mystery why I’ve drawn and painted my artwork in such a holistic way; because of accepting my own self as a whole person, with a multitude of ancestral layers, facets and dimension to who and what I am right now today:The Origindian-Original Creative ArtistCHD. Surely this consummate composition applies also to our healthful:
2. Yes, my spiritual soul is of the ancient days of old, as history has repeated itself, though my human body organism, in an artistic manner. Maybe just as so many other kindred spirits have. It was our mentality who created those beauteous designs, colorful patterns, wall and cave paintings, sculptures, masks, stone cravings and crafts of a large assortment throughout our time periods. Which transcend, or go far beyond these modern day, Westernized-Colonial Indian-Native American Indigenous Tribes. The original bio-genes are in factual reality, true and authentic of Authentindian, thus beginning in its primary principal, natural NEGROID GENIUS GENESIS
3. “An imaginative mind can telescope time; See the cause and effect of a thing” by a poetic rhyme.___”And associate it with another event; Or object not immediately present.” (Keats)Thus, “the imaginative genius, the artist, is the participating divinity in man; This eternal idea of man in God” lets understand.___.
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Valued Ideals & Ideas…


1. It is being said that a racial combination of Nubians and West Africans carried on mutual trade and commerce along the coasts of West Africa’s Motherland. And could easily have planned many trips to and from the Americas; thus forming AfriAmixerca. Also may have conducted a crossing about 1500 B.C. and afterwards. Massive masterpieces in sculptures of the human heads of apparentl Negritic Africans were carved beauteous in the region of South Mexico or AfriMexindia.
2. The place where the ancient Olmec civilization flourished abundantly in prosperity; exhibiting their artwork of great genius. Some of these huge heads of basalt contain the cultural cornrow hairstyle common among West African Negroid Blacks, as well as the nappy-kinky coiled hair customary among at least 70 percent of all Negritic or Negridian people. Including “(the other proportion being the Dravidian Black race of India and the Black Australoids of Australia and South Asia)”
3. “Although archeologists have used the name “Olmec,” to refer to the Black builders of ancient Mexico’s first civilizations, recent discoveries have proven that these Afro-Olmecs were West Africans of the Mende language and cultural group. Inscriptions found on ancient monuments in parts of Mexico show that the script used by the ancient Olmecs was identical to that used by the ancient and modern Mende-speaking peoples of West Africa. Racially, the collosal stone heads are identical in features to West Africans and the language deciphered on Olmec monuments is identical to the Mende language of West Africa, (see Clyde A. Winters) on the internet.
4. Yet, due to the scientific work done by deciphers and linguists, it has been found out that the ancient Blacks of Mexico know as Olmecs, called themselves the Xi People (She People). “
5. “Apart from the giant stone heads of basalt, hundreds of terracotta figurines and heads of people of Negritic African racial reatures have also been found over the past hundred years in Mexico and other parts of Meso-America as well as the ancient Black-owned lands of the Southern U.S. (Washitaw Proper,(Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas), South America’s Saint Agustin Culture in the nation of Colombia, Costa Rica, and other areas) the “Louisiana Purchase,” lands, the south-eastern kingdom of the Black Jamassee, and other places including Haiti, see the magazine Ancient American).”. ……
6. INSIDE OF ME & PERHAPS Y’ALL: The creativity burns life like the fiery sun’s burning flames of desire. My prehistoric-ancient ancestry, is coming back up through my ancestral. HOPI grandmother’s fair family tree, and on my father’s fair family side being of a diverse mixed race tribal clan; with these females-women marrying dark skinned Black Negroid-Negro or “Negritic” or Negrindian pigmented males-men folk. (Grand Papas) Whose facial characteristics I took on, graciously!
7. Therefore, my high cheekbone, broad nose, well formed lips, curly-kinky-nappy hair, and characteristic artistic aptitude is from generational past periods. [Prehistorindians and Ancindians] BlackskindiansBrownskindians, Redskindians, Yellowskindians, Whiteskindians.
8. Which in turn help explain to me how and why I was so strongly attracted to the wet colorful red and gray clays found on side of freshly dug bayous, while growing up as a young black brown-red skin boy. And use to go dig it out, make all kinds of figures… heads, animals, whatnots as they use to say, putting them out in the hot sun’s heat to dry or cure. Then painting them decoratively, then, displaying them in our house, and showing my friends how to do it too.
9. Yes we played in the mud and clay of the ditches. And while taking an art class in high school I mold a clay head of a man, then bake it in a flaming oven or Kiln to harden and to dry, and entered it in a winning contest.
10. Later on in collage, I took a sculpture class and fine arts course, where I use to make a clay head of a; what the “white boy” classmate, use to called “Cromagnon Man”; asking me to teach him how to make one for himself. So I did make a plaster of paris mold or cast for anybody who wanted one.
11. Seeing how I had already studied Art History, little that the POP-ular teacher old man Mr. Bernstein had the understanding to know. He incorrectly call me out of my name… and did rightly call my artwork-piece: “PRIMITIVE”; meaing “not derived. ORIGINAL. PRIMARY….nature, the primitive source of art… the earliest age… little evolved and closely approximating an early ancestral type…relatively simple people or culure.”
12. BUT, these positives are not what this well known white male instructor was referring to, he unduly meant inferior to European sculture, which in fact is the Homo Sapiens Human Race homeland Mother Africa. And Her African & Afrindian culture, that recorded history clearly stated that he or his Caucasoid Race where taught, or ventured to borrow and or steal the cultural art forms, including civilization. It’s typical of racially prejudiced Euro-Caucasians to think that they are superior to others; esp., in our simplistic styles, some times crude art forms.
13. Likewise and he wrongly suggested that I go study in the library more European-Caucasian fine art sculpturing; assuming far too much. I’d covered those grounds thoroughly. It’s no longer of my BURNING DESIRE!
14. Surely, and this is where I got off of the white slave masters boat of dictatorship, and him in particular trying to tell me how to.. BE.. a natural born portrait artist; in which I already was in reality. Natural talents and gifts, assisted by studying numerous history books, picture illustrated family Holy Bible, buying how to do… artwork magizines in stores, etc.
15. And right now today, aided by advanced computer technologies, PC or Personal Computer which was invented by an African Black Negroid Male: name A.T….and race is deliberately, knowingly and intentionally not mentioned; when most Euro-American Anglo Saxons talk about who invented the PC, specifically.
16. And this poses problems in our educational system which is failing our children badly, thus producing the most rebellious groups and student bodies across every school and college campus here in the USA. Even is regenerating revolutionary militant warriors who’re becoming more intent on Re-Africanizing themselves, becoming Afrocentric in their beliefs…, in direct opposition to what is looked upon as being European & White Caucasian!This rebirth rebellion is understandable, even as it take on an extremist turn of warfare; for self-defense and self-preservation!!
17. Therefore, in lovable light of these true realities; INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM and its harmful by-products.., COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, neutralizes these electrical-electron charged negative energy emotions. And most of all ArtistCHD denounces their vulgar-file-vile-hostile-obscene and profane racial slurs, slanderous epithets while trying to expess themselves. And have made a strong stand against their digital Internet Radio & TV programs broadcasting racial hate and self-hatred. Particularly racially profiled-targeted-aiming exclusively at our Decent Good White skinned appearing mixed race ancestors. Thus TO SAVE KIDS!!! ToLoveThySelf.
18. “Did you know that although a white man Dr. Alan Turing invented the computer an African American man is responsible for the PC you are using right now. Dr. Mark Dean led the team that created the modern personal computer and is considered the architect of the modern PC. Click the link below to learn more:
19. An A+ student from grade school-high on through college…, who could draw, paint, shape and clay mold human faces and successfully. And copied the nude female figures posing live in the classroom-art studio. And formed my bodies to a well proportion and realistic portrayal. Attracting most of the white students, and all of the ethnic females toward my method of creative art forms. Albeit, I earned my grade A+…! Check out my portrait photo album at:
20. Also, I was interested by the conscious active operation of my independent thinking brain and mind, to portray anything but so called European Modern Fine Art. I had the natural cultural tendency and or intuitive instincts, to make huge jugs or vases out of plaster of paris; and the ethnic-Indian-Native-India’s Hindu females, would come over to me asking if I would make them one to. And they would paint colorful designs on them. I excelled in the expertise of, Drawing and Painting Pictures-Portraits, Sculptures, Fine-Commercial-Advertising Arts. Without apology or pretending to be modest: Thus knowing who and what and being the creative artist that I was conceptually conceived to be, gave and gives me a confident kind of applied FAITH!
21. “The indwelling divinity in man; Is ” The Grand Master’s Divine Plan.___”A portion of the absolute nature of God; Each artist is able to portray the Lord. “Is the immediate cause” including us; Of His creations is what we call genius.___ As the perpetual conception of his own being; Is bound up in God” nobody ever seeing.____.
22. “Now the more he already perceive the universe in this manner; The more organically he proceeds” in this manner.____ “The more prolific he is; It is spirit touched by the Holy Spirit” through blood and tears.___
23. Fancy is an embellishing, connecting of images, But it is the imagination that creates or fabricates images.___ Expressly, “this is the faculty of joining and unifying;” The cause and purpose of Color Kingdom now testifying.___
Rare + Unique = Original Creative Concepts…
1. DignityDigitalDivity: I graciously proclaim. And have no intentions of ever bowing down to, worshiping idolatrously anybody. Nor humbling my god self to some lowly form of energy, deficient in self-esteem. Which are the very psycho-physiological states leading toward self-dislike, self-denial, Self-abnegation and self-hate. Inhumane humility just is not my calling-purpose-anointing.
2. Yes boldly and bravely I say that my mentality and spiritual energies.., left all of the built pyramidal art forms, artifacts-pottery, images of animals and peoples for humanity to view right now today showing our existence. Our physical facial features, arts and crafts, and what have you. Contrary to what some might wish to think or want to believe: It’s in our RED BLOOD Inheritance and of our; PREHISTORIC and ANCIENT TIME PERIODS!!
3. Aboriginal Ancient Afrindians of Afrindia as AfriAmixerans of AfriAmixerca, of the America’s: North-Central-South. Migrated thus integrated, dated-mated-married the AsindianAsindigenous Natives who also migrated to the America’s in prehistoric-ancient time periods.
4. Then later on in modern history about 1492, the Colombian time period, with the Europeans, Caucasians and Spaniards of Spain, who migrated into these already inhabited regional lands or geographic continents. Thus mixing with the existing AfriAsindian, or Afrasian-Afroasiactic tribal families of the plains; producing what I name to be: And AfriAsiatiCaucasian!!! The primary category that the majority of people of color, esp, the so called African American Blacks fall rightly and correctly into.
5. CREATIVE EVOLUTION & EVOLUTIONARY CREATION: Equals an additional combined ancient ancestry, prehistoric and modern history unified. Adding together: ORIGINAL FIRST NEGROID, SECOND MONGOLOID & THIRD CAUCASOID Primary Races; in a creative construct: NegMongCaucasiod, compound compilation.
Holistically: Here we have the artistic color palette of Black+Yellow+White, plus our universal or GlobalWorldNations blood color-human hue RED. With the prismatic spectrum Blue being reflected from the heavenly skies up above and all around us, clearly shown in our veins and vessels, here on planet Mother Earth.
 6. ArtistCHD’s NewWorldWords in the English language, is soundly based on a basic easy to learn speech pattern for Saving Kids. Letting even the preschooler and kindergarten school children catch on to the pronunciations and true meanings with ease. Instead of attempting to teach them all of the extremely difficult languages existing behind various tribal tongs, and linguistics or dialects.

 7. For instance trying to re-Africanize or make Afrocentric, by giving students their African names, yet they have no idea how to speak that native tong or language. For the family-clans are so diverse in dialects, and tongs, until modern day children are at a total disadvantage. However, CK-NWCA, breaks the parts of speech down to its simplified versions by using the faculty Sixth Sense Genius Constructive Creative Imagination!!!
8. ARRANGING & REARRANGING ELEMENTS: Parts of speech prefixes and suffixes into different positions condensing the long drawn out original words into a well orchestrated composition. Keeping an ending spelling that is familiar and consistent; easily remembered and recallable. Trimming them down eliminating all of the unneeded fat weight to a clean coherent cut so learn. Because the hundreds of unique languages of, the Native-Indigenous-Indian, African, Asian, European racial and ethnic groups are far too many for our youngest of boys and girls to comprehend in so short of a life’s time.
9. Therefore these abbreviations, thus united together vocabulary words, make more common sensibility. Making understanding so simple until the big portrait face picture of history is grasped easily without difficulty.

 10 DISCOVERING & REDISCOVERING WHO WE ARE: Meaning our true-up artistic names as we assign or give to our own selves. Defining the realities behind our holistic-historical state of human being. No we can’t ever go backwards in time, only progressively forwards, adding and multiplying our profitable positive gains in knowledge and wisdom.
11. As a fundamental baseline, let us happily go with the English Language; thus trimming all others away, and back. OK, here WE’S & US’S are right now today, working smart teaching our impressionable young kids as instructors; which is wrongly taught for far too many years. Failing to produce smart thinking school students, thus letting our youth down slowly into the sewage drains of despair and disenfranchisement!!
12. Parents and Teachers & Preachers are to be Constuctors vs. Instructors; Confessors vs. Professors!! This artistic approach shall help the school-college students study more comfortably, with their guidance, counseling and follow-ships. Yes having them follow the children by example. Enjoying the show watching the Kids lead. Yes, their leadership by example.
13. Of course: a we’re all in this thing of life together attitude: and positive method put things in a fair-just-equable relationship at ease. Instead of the strict at at-tension parent-child, student-teacher, slave-master made relationships; thus neutralizing domineering bossy dictatorships. And comfort and relaxation, in a quiet-calm-collected learning environment; sets the stage for open-minded learning that is objective and subjective. It’s not only intellectual but Sensibly SPIRITUAL! LoveSensationSpiritDivine.
14. TERMINOLOGY: “The true experience of the Washitaw Negroid Nation (or Ouchita Nation) of the Southern United States is another piece of solid evidential proof for the factual reality of pre-Columbian; before Christopher Columbus’ ship landed. Making it abundantly clear that the African physical presence and human settlement, was in the overall Americas and most specifically existing here in the United States of America. “

  15. Yes, “Negritic” or my wording Negrindian=Afrindian Black beauteous skinned people on the North & South American continents and on the Central American Islands. And expressly in the Southern US and Mississippi Valley. Thousands of years before the 16th century colonialist European white skinned and pink pigmented appearing people arrived, hit hard at Plymouth Rock!!!
16. Nativindian or Native Indian. Seeing how some Indigenous tribal leaders find the Western Euro-Caucasian names somewhat offensive and racially degrading. So let us endeavor, try to ease the pain and suffering, by configuring NewWorldWords.
17. Borigindians or Aborigindian = Aborigine Indians or Aboriginal Indigenous. Inhabindians or inhabitants, Prehistorindians or Prehistoric Indians, AfriPrehistorindians or African Prehistoric Indians,
18. CyberJazzBluesRapP; vocabulary is this NewWorldWord tong twisting language and articulated speech vocalized in Expres-Si-onics vs Ebonics!! My ancestral family tree; AfriHopindians or African Hopi Indians. AfriAsindians or African Asiatic Indians,


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 1. ArtistCHD & CK-NWCA, seek to reveal and discover the human problem of inhumane behaviors, as opposed to seeking to solve the difficult race relationship problem in and of themselves. Because, the prehistoric and ancient and modern day history, clearly shows how humankind or human beings have in the distant past, middle passages, up until this very day and time period, are failing to show towards one another, a type of LOVING HUMANITY vs. A Hating Inhumanity!!!!  
2. Furthermore, this is not a course lesson on who or what racial groups of people were the so called “savages”; “savage beasts”, “barbarians”, demons and devils, or whatsoever descriptive negative connotations, attachments or labels one want to add. Because those want to be true original black Negroid Africans, yet born and raised here in the USA; are of a lost tribal family, or even clannish cults suffering from a severe identity crisis!!!

3. Surely our SunGOD & GODDESS MotherNature, Knows about the numerous literary books written about the subjects of how adverse, hurtful, harmful, racist, discriminatory, bias, prejudice the Western European Caucasian-Caucasoid Cultures has been and still are presently. But, according to recent archaeological and anthropological discoveries, dig-up on grave sites, caves, artifacts-crafts, skeleton bones, or what have you, we should all know by now, those of us who’re avid readers that these horrible behaviors are akin to all Mother Earth’s Humanity.
5. Meaning that if in power to truth we wish to receive justice for our own racial selves, then, let us also render justice to all others who have wronged black skinned human beings. Seeing that 500 years or five centuries of enslavement, oppression-repression-depression, is a drop in the bucket when compared to 1-10-20, 000 years of self-hatred and self-subjugation.
6. Besides it may seem easier to say, well, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was much worse…, BUT, when one looses just one of their beloved family members, wife-husband, mother-father, boy-girl child, then the severe pain and suffering is uncalculable. No way can one justify their centuries of invasions and occupations, calling these mad men honorary Kings & Emperors & Pharaohs & Royal High Priests, after massacring-murdering millions of innocent, defenseless and helpless human beings. Certainly uncivilized creatures; operating in the surreptitious midst of real civilizations. And this is a Holistic Historical True Fact of Reality. Then righteously comes… DIVINE JUSTICE & JUDGMENT & CURSE!!!
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7. DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE Based on Junious Ricardo Stanton 1995-2000: “What is your purpose, your reason for being; Do you know why you are here” now seeing.___ “What gifts, talents and innate genius do you possess; What unique and distinctive contributions are you destined to make” to impress.___.
8. “TO KNOW THY SELF” Self-realization… Self-actualization:Meaning “the achievement of one’s full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity; And a grasp of the real world” now in close proximity.___ “Educator, theologian and philosopher Benjamen Mays said; For this is something that I have read.___ “Every man is born into the world to do something unique; And something distinctive” which our souls can keep.____”If he or she does not do it, it will never be done“; Defining what will happen for no work and all play fun. ___


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1. And this true-up reality, is what can rightly be summed up as being a human state of warfare and conquest! Predating the very existence of any such scientific claimed mutation or creation of the so named Caucasoid Race or Caucasoindian. coming from the Primary Principal & Original Mother Africa’s Black Negroid Race. As well as the distinctive identity of the Asian Yellow Mongoloid Race; derived from this ensuing combination! Mongoloindian,
2. The anthropologic records now clearly indicate that the Caucasians in their many racial and ethnic art forms, did not even exist at the time periods of the holistic Negroid-NegrindianNegroindian Bio-Genetic DOMINANCE TIME PERIODS!
3. Meaning that uncivilized behaviors, “savage” butchery customs, ungodly-unholy practices, as well as highly civilized, holy and godly ones were taking place. As well with the so called “Black on Black Crime & Violence” of today: Sunday, July, 19, 2009….10:13 AM. Persisting with who and what people of color are often called: African American Blacks.
4. However ToLoveThySelf, in COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, these self-hating, self-abnegating, self-centered human beings suffering severely from an identity crisis are neutron-negative-neutralized. The internal-eternal conflicts and confusion resolved and dissolved. Which occurred in essence, due to; not knowing what they really-truly are, nor where they actually originated or did come from. Now identified as being replaced with who and what ArtistCHD has named to be; The America’s AfriAmixercans of The Unified States of AfriAmixerca. Yes our USA PROMISED LAND.
5. WE’RE ALL ON THIS EARTH TOGETHER: Although, what has and still is happening is that societies are trying too hard to deal with the (socio-segregationist-ideo-isolationist) race problems; inclusively, the religious-political, and not making the primary principle-principal problem a human one. So as we learn how to deal or treat the humankind sickness syndromes and ill-will-ailments first, the rest shall follow in perfect accordance in proper alignment. Or come marching in pursuit of truth and justice in strategic flanks and ranks; seeking in and searching out a remedy, holistic healing healthy CURE!

6. Certainly there’s enough underhanded earthly dirt to cover up and go around to bury under every human body organism living on the face of our planetary sphere. So then, this is not a criticism racially profiled, targeting and aimed at no particular people’s racial-ethnic group of human beings. That’s some one else’s story book!
7. Perhaps y’all have started to see the bright brilliant light of CK-NWCA, our GENIUS GENESIS Great Big Optical Eye In The Sky & Radiant SolarSystemSunGOD. And how it is of paramount importance for all of us to comprehend that Unification of our GlobalWorldNations is imperative, is a must mandatory requirement. Thus, this is precisely why the Intelligent Original Creative Graphic Designs illustrates openly for public view our MultiplexRacialBody of Color Complexions!!!
8. What is taking place worldwide, is a sort of natural selective process, in which or by which racial and ethnic groups who are practicing separatist-isolationist ideologies, are loosing their natural human right to own and possess the geographical regions of their homeland and natural resources. Such as minerals, oil, gold, diamonds, copper, and many other valued elements. In my artistic view point-perspective, this loss occurs in a multitude of measures, ways and means; inclusively, external and internal conflicts, confusion, envy-jealously-strife; as opposed to living in
LovePeace & Harmony!!!.


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 9. “I see creativity as the ultimate religious act;. My art and my religion are not only very connected; they are one and the same.” like that._ (Norma Lewis) Moreover, “creativity is the ability to transcend; Traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, interpretations” now and then.___ (Random House Unabridged Dictionary)
1. SAVING KIDS: Unified Holistically, in the body the people stand and divided in the body they fail and fall. Thus, from this angle, bringing all people together is the correct thing to do, being very urgent. And this writing is not just intellectualizing on the issues and tissues of matters at hand; but, is in reality doing something positively productive-progressive, about making it happen. Via Artwork, applied picturesquely, poetically performed in musical songs.
2. Therefore, no human body of nationalities or Natindians, peoples, cultures, country’s citizens or Countrindians…, are to be attempting to just sit on top of their natural resources selfishly or self-centered. Not sharing equable with everybody else in the Whole Wide World. This direvtive also applies to people; taking the initiative to develop their natural talents and bestowed gifts. Strictly meaning, use their positive-productive-progressive, economic-electron energy emotions or loose them!
3. Simply and plainly, it tends to bring extremely severe problems upon them, more than likely, decreed through and or by our CONSCIOUS COSMIC CREATORS & Almighty Authority Infinite Intelligent UNIVERSAL MIND!!!
4. Nomads or Normadindians migrated and settled in the America’s as Inhabindians or inhabitants. Yes these are Expres-Si-onics, that Saving Kids establishes language links to effective networking OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS.
5. YES; We’re all migrating-immigrating-integrating human beings or Humanbeindians or Earthlindians or earthlings And arrived on the many different continental plains and islands, at some period of time back in prehistoric and ancient and modern history. Oceanic or Oceanindians, Seafarindians-seafaring indians and LandTravaindian– land traveling people. Setting aside race-religion-politics, we’re all in this world together with no national boundaries. Meaning that the global geographical planetary regions belong solemnly to GODDESS Mother Nature’s Earth & Her Healthy HUMANITY or Humanindian or human species.
The perfect ripe fruit of our times;
To truly give color
accountability rythmic rhymes.__
Song from our caring loving hearts;
A kind shape offering as
constructive creative arts.__
“Give and it shall be given unto you; goo
measure, pressed down, and shaken together,
and running all over shall men give unto your bosom.
For with the same measure that ye mete
withal it shall be measured to you again.”

1. ArtistCHD, means by New World Word definitions: That we are all Natives, Indians, Aborigines of planet Mother Earth. We were born here, created here, evolved here, raised here at home sweet home. Without regards or any single association with a certain continent, country, island, geographical region or land mass whatsoever. This process of elimination allow us to get a clear point of view and panorama picture perspective on this elusive-delusive optically illusive world of dimensions. By removing the complex layers, we can now look directly at what he portrays Mankindian as UniverManDiety!!! Art exhibit-specimen No.:
2. Now in our New World Millennium 21st century time period of today, these names are the most Wholesome & Holistic Human Beings representative of all Her Humankindians, now Natindians or Nationals or Natives. Amerindians or American Indians. And are who and what ArtistCHD has discovered and invented and created and named to be: AfriAmixercans of AfriAmixerca. Which constitutes in complete-consummated composition collectively; our MultiplexRacialBody of Color Complexions!
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12. OUR CHILDREN LEARN FROM THESE BAD HABITS: Here we have the self-righteous judgmental: “Red meat” haters, flesh of the animal haters, swine-pork-hog-pig haters, vegetable haters, fruit haters, religion haters, race haters, class haters, sex-gender haters, male haters or female haters, self-haters, humankind haters, and all manner of HATE, one can conceivable imagine. Societal Crime & Violence Committed On Society’s Citizens. Surely it’s UNCIVILIZED & INHUMANE!!
13. Failing to ‘do unto others as one would have them do unto you.‘ A ChristLikeness-ChristLikelyen primary principal principle. Thus ToLoveThySelf, ‘love thy neighbor as thy self.’ And that neighborhood community constitutes the entire immediate living environment, plus expanding pervasively all around our GlobalWorldNations!!!
14. As proper mental models playing the performances roles of mature adults, these negative bad habits spoken about in the aforementioned paragraphs, are to be avoided by all polite peaceful ways and means. In short: teasing, poking funny jokes, unholy or ungodly humor is totally out. And respect for other people’s cultural culinary customs are prerequisite to bringing all people together, working for the common good of all, living in LovePeace & Harmony!!!
Flying Angel of Grace
“And I saw another angel fly  
in the midst of heaven,
having the everlasting
gospel to preach unto them that dwell on
the earth and to every nation, and kindred,
and tongue, and people.”
A biblical revelation unifying 
the whole wide world indeed;
A beautiful heart of love for us to succeed;
Is what our global planet
Mother Earth now need.___
The flying angel of grace;
Showing our diverse skin colors of the
Homo Sapiens Human Race._ 

COLOR POWER IS GREAT; Especially when it is purposedly well organized into clear patterns in Intelligent Graphic Designs. Natindian-Earthlindian=Humanbeindian!!!

 YES: our 21st Century New World Creative Arts, Enhanced & Elevated  Digital CyberSpaceAge Cultural Designs, Weaves, Tiles,  knits, Plaits, Patterns; by Afrindian ArtistCHD.Long ago, streams cut three mesas from Black Mesa in what is now Arizona. It is here the Hopi, “the peaceful ones,” have lived for more than a thousand years.” ” Hopi (contraction of Hópitu, ‘peaceful ones,’ or Hópitu-shínumu, ‘peaceful all people’: their own name).”

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  Song selections: MyTruestLoveFound, A LovelyLoveSong, LoveMerryGoRounds, HerPreciousPerfectPyramid, ToLoveThySelf….
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 Plus check out this full story blog: 

3. ANCINDIANS or Ancient Indians. In other plain-o-simple words, humans took the land masses from the beastly creatures, wild ace animals and such living body organisms. Then immediately started fighting over it and Her valued natural resources, Vita-Nutrients, material elements; thus generating artless forms of money greed. Possessing and owning that which actually belongs to everybody of the rightful human species; land-water-air-food; clothing and shelter.
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4. Plus instead of eating the wild animals for food and proper dietary nourishment, started using them as Zoo specimen-spectacles of an uncivilized caged in enslavement. And or expediently exploiting them for entertainment and or recreational purposes, inclusively, mercilessly hunting them down as a prestigious gaming sport! And not for human consumption and furs-skins-hides for shelter and clothing. Certainly mankind or humankind has deviated too far from what is HUMANE, into the demonic or devilish domain of INHUMANITY!!
5. CONSEQUENTLY: Now we all are being compelled to have to cope with, endure and survive: The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature!!! And She most definitively has severely devastating unprecedented and extremely bad weather patterns, already here…, with more coming real soon at astronomical exceedingly fast speeds, on THE EVENT HORIZON!!!
6. Eating Healthy & Wealthy off of the purely clean and natural fat and salt of Her Earth, mankind became selfish, conceited, and corrupted. And these unnatural phenomena occurred simultaneously on each and ever continent and island existing on our revolving-evolving, rotating-orbiting planetary sphere! Meaning absolutely and positively no Racial Profiling & Targeting & Aiming at no singled out group whatsoever. Here emphasized again: We Have A HUMANKIND OR HUMAN BEING PROBLEM!!!
7. How do these inhumane conflicts and wars get started? Well to Save Kids, please allow me to break off small bites and bits of DignityDigitalDivinity. First of all one nation, kingdom, or empire, flagrantly insults another one. Thus feel that they are superior in their own judgmental belief system, that the other adjacent or next door neighbor nation, is somehow inferior to their own.
8. Therefore, in their own self-righteous mindset, justifies harsh criticism, castigation, and the putting down and talking slanderously about these others. Out of having a lack of knowledge harmful offenses are often made. Making smart comments and sarcastic remarks against their customary culinary culture; daily dietary meals-Soul Food that they choose to eat for nourishment, music methods, song and dance routines; religious celebrations, special political occasions, and customs; inclusively poking fun, taunting, teasing and making silly jokes at their overall and general ways of lifestyles.

9. AS A DIRE CONSEQUENCE: The party or parties who were or are the subjected victims of such degrading, bias-prejudice language; eventually start to perceive them as verbal attacks against their unique racial or ethnic group. Thus, see or look at the maligning words as personal oral assaults and rhetorical attacks against their very lives and human existence. And after repeated attempts to have the adversarial antagonists, to tone down their language, ceasing the blatant bull crap; and all other diplomatic efforts don’t prevail, then, there is inevitable and unavoidable:
10. Moreover, it’s the immature childish mannerism of supposed to be grown-up adults of maturity, which generate the resentful-retaliatory responses and or retribution reactions, leading to all out warfare and even physical combat! Sick and tired and fed up with being shot at by cowardice slander and two-faced back stabbing gossip’s condemnation. Culminating or ending up with one Kingdom in a blazing fiery outrage of vengeance, survival instincts come into play; prompting a drastic Cause of Action. A gallant quest in conquering the real or perceived enemy Empire threat; then, after violent invasion, tends to stay there permanently as occupiers, foreigners, alien migrants or immigrants. So be it!
11. Yes of course, history repeats itself right now today with the inner city-urban dwellers, lower-middle-upper class metropolitan areas, of the United States of America and nations scattered abroad else where. For instance: the constant media attacks are launched over the Internet & World Wide Web digital Radio & TV network programs, against those who don’t comply with their theories, health hypotheses, political-religious beliefs, on and on and on firing demented mental weapons of mass destruction at other suppose to be beloved brothers and sisters and family members.



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