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HELLO:  Welcome Aboard COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; For all peaceful, caring and loving hearts. My Original Intelligent Designs & Beauteous Portrait Revelations; A panoramic depiction for the viewing of all nations; Via the sixth sense genius of the constructive creative imagination; By way of Mother Nature’s evolutionary creations.__

We are Inviting Mother Africa, Asia, Europe, South & North America also, Russia, China, Australia and every island in between to the art show.___ We are now in our 21st century cyberspaceage time; Our new world digital arts productions most sublime; Infinite Intelligence of the Universal Mind; The cosmic forces of the Eternal Powers Divine.___ To help bring LovePeace & Harmony here on lovely Mother Earth; The planetary sphere who give us our living human birth.___ 

Our young Cyberspaceage kids can learn this new computer technology real easy…>>>>
CyberJazz Blues Rap
Through the mind we shall be the first explorers and not the last; By traveling with rhythmic vibrations moving exceedingly fast.___ Offering a brand new way of drawing and painting pictures to see; Elegant compositions of our Multiplex Racial Body Reality.__ I
Yeah our young kids of flexible and open-minded and can learn this CyberJazz Blues RapP real easy brother Davis…>>>>
BoyCircle & BoySquare-color-A1
Meaning, black-white-red-brown and yellow colored skin; A distant journey into the spiritual soul’s very end.__ Bringing all human beings together as a consummated One; For we are all Homo Sapiens living here under our radiant solar sun.__
Certainly Color Kingdom NWCA; And Artist C. H. Davis leads the right way; On this exciting journey and adventure today.__ While still in the thrilling midst of shooting stars, meteors, and comets of outerspace; Using our natural born talents and free gifts of grace; Illustrating the facial features of the entire human race.___
Crossing a humorous bridge of unique characters saying…>>>>  Yeah brother Davis our kids can learn this new computer technogy real easy…..Yeah our kids can learn real fast….  Mi Amigo Estudio La Li.. the language in school..yes no?.. Yeah jus’ do ya dog gone homework and us ya head for something other than a hat-rack! 

 We are combining science, religion with biology; Politics, the arts, music and psychology; Genetics, history and sociology; Creating a beautiful orchestration in philosophy.___ Of course, we have left behind us the old-fashioned to enter the new; So enjoy this rare exhibition I portray to you.__

My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form…. CyberJazz Blues RapP has now just been born.___ By the Eternal Power of our Universe That Be; My divine commission calling and artistic destiny. __”N Lovin Faith Always, These are the true artist’s most blessed days.__ Thank Y’all For Staying In Tune and in Harmony with me…. praise the Lord son ….Mi Amigo praise the Lord, brother Davis praise the Lord… ha ha ha ha ..I’ll see yah later.


Hello, y’all are welcome aboard COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts  “Thy Kingdom Come” with blessings for all caring and loving hearts.__ “For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory;Say Amen to Artist Charles H. Davis’ true Holy Bible story.___    

“To everything there is a season; And a time to every purpose under the heaven” with sound reason.___Now is the perfect time and season to pray; And harvest these fresh ripe fruit from the Spirit thereof today.___Thus, smell the sweet fragrant flower blossoms as you may; Come forward as you are with a positive open mind I do indeed say.___    

Enjoy my Original Creative Graphic Designs; And beauteous Portrait Revelations so picturesque and sublime.___Elegant artistic compositions symbolizing rare beauty, virtue and love; An exciting exploitation and adventure through our heavenly skies above.___ A thrilling cyberspaceage digital expedition, journey and voyage; Through advanced computer technology being a universal phenomena at large.___    

Our distant trip off into the Sixth Sense Genius of the Constructive Creative Imagination; Via our planetary sphere’s instinctive Evolutionary Creation.___ We’re traveling with rhythmic vibrations moving exceedingly fast; While still in the raining midst of shooting stars, meteors and racing comets in a speedy flash.___    

Masterfully orchestrated by the free gift of poetic grace; Exquisite specimens of artwork unifying the entire global human race.___ Portraying our Multiplex Racial living body as a consummate physical one; Featuring black-white-red-brown and yellow skin colors under our radiant solar sun.    

Yes, this message is the final call for redeeming every continental plain; The definitive problem solving answer for every kind of panoramic terrain.___ North and South America, Mother Africa, Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, and every island in between; Especially Mexico and the United States here on the homeland national scene.__    

So be very persistent and make your gallant stand; Be brave and determined to achieve success according to the Grand Master’s Plan; We shall overcome and prosper right here in the USA Promised Lands; Climbing up on the rough side of the dam mountain with our own two feet and hands.____    

  Act decisively if you dare to face this innovative challenge and divine commission; Inviting all to the table to feast on this health food of thought as our wholesome nutrition.___We have a direct line of musical communication between heaven and Mother Earth. __ These melodic chords and notes are played from its very canvas turf; Of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts natural birth.___  (background support says: go ahead on… and get your second breath…)    

 An inseparably connected link between the finite thinking brains of mankind; Infinite Intelligence and of the Universal Mind.__Indubitably for the whole wide world to hear, witness, embrace, and visually see; “Come boldly unto the throne of grace” with courage and “Come follow me;” ‘N Lovin’ Faith always Artist C. H. Davis’ CyberSpaceAge digital ministry;.Verily, the sound and tone of my voice might sound resonant and flighty; So thank Allah Jehovah Lord God Almighty ………..Amen.
These above vocal-lyrics are YOUR Priceless-Costless… FREE FAME FORTUNES, MP3 downloads… expressed in my Revolutionary-Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form; CyberJazz Blues RapP; HipP & LapP!!
Saving Kids =Expres-Si-onics-vs-Ebonics + 6th Sense Genius Constructive Creative Imagination Natural Christmas Gifts + Rare Diamonds Gemstones of LOVE LIFE LIGHT! 


FAIR USE & PUBLIC DOMAIN & GIVE-AWAYS & FREEBIES: This is a mercy money Story Book Blog, A financed feast of sharing natural, raw talents and digital  gemstone  gifts of grace to uplift the whole human race. And we are kindly asking for your faithful contributory donation funds.  As y’all appreaciate viewing the elegant artwark, THE MASTER’S MIND MELANIN MESSIAH, poetic picture presentations, then, show it by Sharing too…. $$$
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It is written poetically in our story book bible translated from original ancient African sacred scriptural scrolls. Translated into the English language-words: “Blessed are the eyes which see the things that you see.”  (Luke 10:23.. according to an allegory biblical story-mythologies) Truthfully derived from Negrindian Mother Africa’s Egypt= KEMET meaning BLACK!!!
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