Space Science, Solar System, Shooting Stars, Super Novas, Comets, Asteroids, Rotating Spheres, Revolutions, Orbits, Mother Earth, Planets, Sun, Radiant Energy, Cosmic, Spiritual Phenomena via New World Creative Arts by COLOR KINGDOM KING OF KINGS LOVE LIFE LIGHT!!!

Yes, for sure these above stated names and description of elements, objects, and material states of being are more than a mouth’s full of fame and fortune and future financial focus.
And we as human beings are prompted by unseen invisible forces to bravely and boldly explore these outer-space and inner-space regions, internally and externally. Exploring the engraved harts of gemstones, of imaginations, of nations and  people and natural elements.
Albeit, this above illustration and Biblical Scriptures are our respectful way of including everybody’s belief system, if in truth they operate in “THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH” * & THE SPIRIT OF LOVE PEACE & HARMONY!!
Intellectually call it or them whatsoever you  may, “I AM THAT I AM” The Original Creative ArtistCHD….so smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a healthy wealthy good sixth sense of happy healing humor.
Surely there’s a wholesome lots more than what may reach the naked eyes, and or man-made telescopes and microscopes. Other worlds, different realities, multiple copies of our life forms, activities, all secretly stored in sacred subterranean regions of the thinking brain of each and every human being.
However, we are only spots, dots, digits, bits, bites of information as collective data. Somewhere inside the magnificent rainbow of colors, prismatic spectral hues, we exist in our perceptible world, and also perhaps in others of like minds, duplicates, and reproduction in the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional art forms. Who really knows?
Therefore ArtistCHD explores these deep inner secrets with the uppermost heavenly spirited and earthly mindset. Intuitively and instinctively knowing that these data processes are stored soundly some where in the abysmal depths of our humankind Bio-genetic Messenger RNA & MITOCHONDRIA DNA CODES!!!
Although, we have to take the initiative, assume the personal responsibility, self-accountability to dig deep off into the outer and inner spaces of mind travel. And the most effective ways and means and proficient method to do this phenomenal feat, is through the emotion of Hope-Faith & Belief. Confidence in ones natural innate abilities, gifts and talents. Thus employing the principles of trust in the brain’s bright brilliancy.
No doubt this take or require some hard work, hard knocks hitting the rocks, running a ground, loosing balance and regaining it dynamically, temporary failures, sobering mistakes, frustrations, trials and tribulations and errors. Which are all part and parcel to the self-educating, self-teaching and learning experience.
THROUGH DRILLING-MINING  & REHEARSING & PRACTICE: Now we are prepared to use  our inherent mineral ore, organic growth, and apply our 6th Sense Genesis Genius Faculty Constructive Creative Imagination. Letting go and breaking far away from the in crowds of noisy chatter, gossip, harsh language, cell phone talk about nothing beneficial…, loud vocal words, disturbing the quiet and peace, inconsiderate vociferousness, on and on and on.
Yes, let us move away from these kinds of people who are not trying to improve themselves, do better, learn more of a wholesome production type. Proudly saying good-by and good riddance to the slothful, lazy, backward going multitude of lost minds, spirits and soils, who are wandering around; in space and time, never knowing where they just recently came from nor where they presently are, neither knowing where or which way to go next!?. Even as they run their obstreperous mouths talking a bunch of bull’s crap!!!
Surely we must as a mandate relearn how to study in depth, do intensive research, read worthy materials, legitimate scientific books, discoveries, creative arts, science fiction, true science, and all related subjects. And first and foremost look at all sides of the STORY.
Plus, an artistic vision,  in addition to this it is also clearly written in The Holy Bible: “Study To Show Thy Self Approved Unto God.”  “My People Are Destoyed For Lack Of Knowledge”;  “Where There Is No Vision The People Perish”.
For those of us who often use these Scriptures to help guide our humanly affairs.  Nevertheless, the good word of the true gospels are genetically written in the loving hearts of earthly humanity. We intuitively, instinctively, spiritually KNOW right from wrong, truth from error; however, we frequently choose to close our  brains thinking in a solid-state negative mindset. To justify artless forms of ignorance, consciously or unconsciously!! BUT: here are our New World Year 2010 BLESSINGS…BRILLIANT BRIGHT BRAINS >>>>…
With amazing wonder how these astronomical happenings occur and how the astronauts perceive of things in outer-space as they relate back to our mind’s inner-space?!.
What are black holes, shooting stars, comets, asteroids, planets, super nova, cosmic rays, radiant energies and space travel? Albeit, ArtistCHD see it as Love Life Light which enables our Color Vision & Television, giving animals with seeing eye and sense to perceive of things, other realities not visible to the ordinary senses, yet is spiritually revealed, esp., to those of us who are fortunate enough to be truly called and chosen and sent to automatically KNOW, that there’s much more to seek out and learn!

Yes, he envisions The Electro Magnetic Field of Color, being the greatest of all motivating, stimulating elemental factors in the biosphere, atmosphere, stratosphere, ozonosphere and our living environments. Of course it’s one and in the same with our Solar System Source Super Star SUN. or as the ancients named it to be their SUN GOD !!!
Moreover, true artists, creative artists, imaginative artists, graphic arts, graphic designs, fine art, digital artwork, are important factors adding up to equal stupendous amount of Eco-Electron Energy E-motion LOVE.
“Most assuredly”; we come in all art forms, manner of personalities, character contents, creative geniuses, inventors, who often times discover new creative artists in a recurring manifestation in all time periods; inclusively right now today. “Live”, Raw, Natural, Healthy, Wealthy & Well.
Yes for sure LOVE GODDESS MOTHER NATURE’S EARTH, produces the fresh ripe fruit of the Spirit thereof, herein, humanity. SHE, grows organisms, organic order and mineral activites, nurtures them in a fashion only HER Infinite Wit Of Intelligence Designs.  The soulful soils of our planetary sphere, and earthly MultiplexRacialBody of cultural color complexions, are to eat wholesome nutrition, found normally in abundance in the homegrown green crops, colorful vegetables and fruitful flowery blossoms.
ANCIENT MENTALITIES KEEP ON COMING BACK: These listed mindsets are innate, reproductive, incarnate, happening over and over again without stop in sight. Meaning that the genotypes don’t die, they simply multiply in everlasting Love Life Light, to add more color depth to this earthly matter at hand.

Seeing how that we regularly and internationally, apply paints, use paint brushes, airbrushes, lead pencils, ink pens, drawing papers-tablets, illustration boards, canvasses, pallets, easels, to perform our artistic compositions. This includes charcoal sketches, oil paintings, antique techniques, photo enhancements, digitizing, copying, printing and productions.
Therefore, do indeed join us in our Spiritual Renaissance Self-employment Self-improvement Movement. And y’all may do this by being friendly, kind, courteous, polite, and respectful towards each and every individual true artist, presently being featured HERE-in..hence forth >>>
Yes, for PURE PROFIT PROFESSIONAL  PROPHET: positively sure this is a meaningful Mercy Making Monetary foundation, innovative enterprise, openly, straight forward, frank, trustworthy and honest. The purest,  true and truthful  method to HELP, those human beings trying to Help themselves overcome their  personal shortcomings, to assist people  truly in need to improve their lives. 
Now actively doing justly and righteously that; being of a real service to others, through professed art-music-poetry-writing; plus professional Self-employing Operations Communications. For Financially FREE: Getting the good news word out that they are in factual reality being purely  LOVED!!!
No, this is not a beggars gimmme something for nothing  charity group or handout organization whatsoever. Simply and plainly because, being in a position to uplift others; requires lawful money, legal tender, clean cultural currency, freindly funds to operate and to function proficiently in a prosperous fashion.  Based on common sense comprehension and basic understanding about how life in our society-system works.
Albeit, the benefit blessings that you are being freely given right now in the contextual content character of this educational written message and overall free informative , picuture illustrated Story Book Blogs is a WIN WIN investment.   Officially offering you an equal balanced opportunity to CAPITALIZE on these Vital-Nutrients of thought input, loving nourishment by open-minded reading.  An internal-subliminal process that  automatically enriches musical motions,  and medoldically enhances your life. You do have a bright brilliant brain! 

Moreover, Prophet ArtistCHD  believes and knows spiritually-intuitively-instinctively, that you can and will and shall do the right thing at your own free will by making a handsome donation.  Thus to support his and our Divine Commission Calling, Artistic Love  Ministry & Anointing, and to spread his natural born LOVE SENSATION SPIRIT DIVINE to the Whole Wide World Web.
Yes we are all Creative Artists, masterminds, within our   own personal rights, deserving of due credit and just regards, recognition and attribution:  A valued contribution in collective, massive monumental TEAMWORK!!!
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